What Are Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a new device for nicotine delivery that look and act much like a traditional tobacco cigarette.  Electronic cigarettes come in many forms, but the most common type is the 2-piece pictured below that features a battery and nicotine e cig cartridges:

At first glance, especially with the color scheme of this particular brand, it looks pretty much like a regular cigarette.  If you were to hold it in your hand, however, you would notice the difference in material.  Electronic cigarettes are made out of stainless steel and plastic and are comprised of two interlocking pieces that screw together: a lithium battery and a cartridge (which contains nicotine and flavoring).

To use an electronic cigarette, it is much like a regular cigarette, but there’s no need for a flame.  To e-smoke, simply inhale through the mouthpiece of the e cigarette (the mouthpiece is on the cartridge end).  This inhalation activates the e cigarette brand which produces vapor from the cartridge.  Then inhale this vapor much as you would with a traditional cigarette, hold it in your lungs and exhale.  On the other end of the electronic cigarette, there is an LED light that illuminates when the e cigarette is in use, giving the appearance of a regular cigarette, as pictured below:

What’s great about electronic cigarettes?  For starters, the big reason is that you can smoke them anywhere.  There is no foul odor emitted from the vapor that comes out of e cigarettes (it can be downright pleasant with some of the flavor cartridges you can buy).  Restaurants, bars, and all other public venues where you can no longer smoke cigarettes… you can use e cigarettes anywhere.  While the jury is still out on electronic cigarettes in terms of healthiness, considering there are only four ingredients inside of the cartridges, and there is no tobacco, tar or the number of carcinogens you’d find in a regular cigarette, one can certainly draw the conclusion that e cigarettes are surely safer than their traditional counterparts.

Many e cigarette smokers are turning to these devices as a means to quit smoking cigarettes.  As opposed to the nicotine patch (who wants to wear a sticky patch) or the nicotine gum (tastes like crap), e cigarettes are as close as you can get to the real thing.  Ask former smokers what they miss the most about their cigarettes, and they all say it’s the act of smoking a cigarette — putting it to your lips, getting that throat hit, filling up your lungs and exhaling… you can’t get that with the patch or the gum, but you get pretty much the same experience with electronic cigarettes.

The nicotine cartridges for e cigarettes come in all kinds of flavors and strengths.  If you’re looking for a tobacco taste to emulate your old favorite brand of smokes, there’s a tobacco cartridge out there to suit your taste.  All the big brands offer a wide variety of tobacco flavors, mimicking the taste of the most common brands of traditional cigarettes.  If you’re a menthol smoker, they’ve got that for you, too.  Outside of that, there are dozens if not hundreds of other flavors available, most commonly fruit varieties (grape, cherry, apple, etc.), or stuff like vanilla, chocolate, mint… everything you can imagine.  Seriously, EVERYTHING — some brands even give you the option to custom-design your own flavor, so if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll make it for you!

As mentioned above, cartridges are also available in a wide array of nicotine strengths, typically from upwards of 24mg per cartridge, incrementally stepping down to cartridges that have 0mg of nicotine.  With these incremental strengths of nicotine, the user can wean themselves off of their nicotine habit by starting with higher powered cartridges and then gradually decreasing their mg until they are satisfied with cartridges with little to no nicotine at all – then just enjoy the act of e-smoking and the pleasant taste!  Whether you’re a heavy smoker or more of a social smoker, there’s a cartridge flavor and strength out there suited just for you.

Speaking from experience, e cigarettes have been a blessing to my life as I used to be a heavy cigarette smoker for more years than I’d like to admit.  Once I hit a milestone birthday a few years ago, I made the decision to start making healthier lifestyle choices and tossed away my old pack of cigarettes.  I’m proud to say that I haven’t picked up another pack of cigarettes since.  I’d tried quitting before, but never had much success – I hated the gums, patches, etc.  But I’ve found something I really enjoy in electronic cigarettes — the act of e smoking, the cleanliness of it, smoking them anywhere, the great flavors… it’s been a great change in my life.  While I no longer need much in terms of nicotine content, I find myself still reordering cartridges – can’t get enough of these things!

I hope this answered some questions – feel free to comment below if I can be of any more help. While you’re here, check out my electronic cigarette reviews where I highlight all the top brands, plus provide e cigarette coupon codes and keep you up to date on all the e cig discounts going on

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