Best Box Mods of 2015 Review

The sultriest new thing in the vapes business is best box mod. At present all e-cigarette organizations are currently discharging one, if not different, box mods. There are such a variety of diverse box mods available that looking for one can be a touch overpowering; that is the reason I made this rundown of the best box mods for 2015 to help slice through the disorder.

What Makes a Great Box Mod?

In the realm of vaping a crate mod is practically any gadget that is not fit as a fiddle of a tube. Numerous case best box mod are formed like a crate, however now vapes mods arrive in a mixed bag of distinctive shapes. Some extremely prominent mods like the ZEN ZNA look not at all like a case. Befuddling, isn’t that so?

Most box mods are managed gadgets with variable wattage or voltage force yields, however you can likewise buy mechanical box mods. With the end goal of this rundown we might be discussing managed or computerized box mods.

Managed gadget available is presently overwhelmingly variable wattage, significance you can change the force yield in watts. Littler or less expensive vapes mods might just achieve a yield of 15 to 20 watts, while other, more extravagant, mods can yield 150 watts or more.

A 150 Watt Vapes Mod

The truth is out; vapes best box mod can now yield 150 or even 260 watts of force. The greater part of vapers will never require this much power, so it’s truly only for show. For a normal vaper, a 30 watt vapes mod will have all that could possibly be needed force. Since more influence generally implies more cash, I will isolate this best mod rundown up into four classes.

  • Beginner – 20 watt mods
  • Intermediate – 30 watt mods
  • Advanced – 50 watt mods
  • Expert – 150 watt in addition to mods.

I trust this will help make your quest for the best box mod much simpler.

Top Box Mod List is

  • Eleaf iStick 20
  • iTaste MVP 20w
  • Joyetech eGrip

Transitional – 30 Watt Box Mod

Eleaf iStick 30

The Eleaf iStick 30 is an overhauled form of the first iStick mod with expanded force yield and the capacity to flame sub-ohm atomizers. The look of the iStick 30 is practically indistinguishable to the first form. The special case is a lip that stretches out over the edge; this is so 22mm wide atomizers won’t stick over the edge.

  • Price: About $34.99 to $39.99
  • Wattage Output: 5.0 to 30.0 Watts
  • Voltage Output: 2.0 to 8.0 Volts
  • Atomizer Ohm Capability: 0.4ohm Plus
  • Battery: 2200mah
  • Size: 3-1/8″ x 1-5/16″ x 13/16″

Other incorporate of the best box mod under transitional are

  • iTaste MVP 3.0
  • Sigelei Mini 30w

Progressed – 50 Watt Box Mod

Eleaf iStick 50 best box mod

The Eleaf iStick 50 is right now the most effective and biggest gadget in the iStick arrangement. As I compose this present, it’s the most looked for after box mod. Numerous merchants are sold out, and clients appear to truly appreciate the gadget.

Despite the fact that the Eleaf iStick 50 is the biggest of the iStick mods, it’s still a genuinely minimal gadget, and the adjusted corners make it extremely agreeable to hold and flame. The LED screen is situated up front, with two conformity catches found right above so you can undoubtedly change the yield power.

I truly don’t have anything negative to say in regards to the Eleaf iStick 50; it has all that you require at an extraordinary value point. Others under this are the IPV Mini 2 IPV2, IPV2s and IPV2x and are all the best box mods. You can buy the eleaf istick 50 here.

The Expert – 150 Watt Box Mod has the Sigelei 150w and in addition the PV 3

The IPV3 is a reasonable alternative in the event that you require a ton of force; its fit for up to 150 watts right out of the crate, notwithstanding it can likewise be moved up to 180 watts. The gadget is produced using aluminum and obliges two 18650 batteries with a ceaseless release rate of 30 amps or more. Well that is it for the time being, the point at which I find other quality box mods I will add them to this rundown. On the off chance that you think a certain case mod ought to be added to this rundown don’t hesitate to remark beneath. New vapes arrangements are posted on best box mod, for the extremely most recent mod arrangements visit the case mod arrangements segment.

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